IBHB Stencil Brow                                                                                                           $ 23
What is your eyebrow confession?
A IBHB designer will consult with you and then shape your eyebrows to perfection.

IBHB Maintenance Packages                                                                                          $ 120 (5visits)
Your remedy towards eyebrow redemption.
Buy 5, get 1 free!

IBHB Facial Fuzz Fix                                                                                                        $12
(Lip, chin, forehead, neck, sideburns, men’s ears, men’s cheeks etc.)

IBHB Maintenance Packages For Facial Fuzz Fix $ 62.00
(5 visits )

Buy 5, get 1 free!

Full Face Fix                                                                                                                  $55
We offer an array of facial threading.
Quick, gentle and thorough service.

IBHB Maintenance Packages For Full Face Fix (5 visits ) $254.00
Buy 5, get 1 free!

IBHB for Men Brow Grooming                                                                                          $22
Man-scaping your facial hair while keeping it elegant and masculine.
At IBHB we’ll shape and clean-up those unruly men brows.
IBHB Maintenance Packages For Men Brow Grooming. .
(5 visits )
Buy 5, get 1 free!